Bothoven Updates

The piano playing robot was a success, and unfortunately I don’t have any kind of proof, other than documentation…

Yey! It works! Now let’s destroy it.

Bothoven was disassembled as soon as our presentation was done. I tried getting the parts back to build it again to have some video, but they got lost. One day, I’ll rebuild it. What I do have is a video of the final build, working, but not playing music.
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So… A new semester? A new year?

sup internet

so here’s what’s up:

– I’m in Seattle interning at Microsoft
– I’m an electrical engineering Concordia graduate
– I’m doing my MS next year, and the project will be the inverse of my Capstone final year project
– I finished my Capstone final year project – which was a robot that reads a sheet of music and plays it on the piano
– I live in Belltown.
– I start work tomorrow
– I’m in a new team with a new boss (at microsoft)

I’ll post a lot more details, regarding the color run, my apartment, etc…

Just so you know, this blog is about adventures… and right now, ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!

Bothoven needs fingers

So my music-reading-piano-playing robot called Bothoven needs fingers. He can now read music, and wants to play!

Here’s a picture of what we have so far (and yes, it’s enough for a blog post):

What this means is that we can digitally get the notes, read them, know what they mean and it’s time to play them. The way to read this is “NoteOctave-Duration”. If you can read notes, the black and white writing corresponds to the sheet of music.

Maybe I should add that he can read a whole page at a time…

Time to build some fingers!