I thought my room needed a painting somewhere…

AKA How to do this:

I wanted to put something over my bed…

And I had seen something done on Reddit… So I took it and tweaked it. With a little help from a photoshop MASTER, we get this:

So then we needed a canvas, a printer, a powerful light, and a pencil to do this:

And get almost the same thing:

We filled in the silhouette with a Sharpie. Then we opened 3 boxes of those:

And after hard work:

We get sorted crayons:

But we had to glue them together:

Turns you have to glue gun the crayons ONE BY ONE straight on the canvas. I tried to get the whole thing glued in one shot. It didn’t work, and had to be done again.

Put some masking tape where you DON’T want paint. Rubber cement will be a pain to remove.
Then turn on the heat with a hair dryer. By using the hairdryer from the back of the canvas rather than from the front, the crayons will melt without mixing, so you’ll get lines of colors, more or less. Also, make sure you have a hot enough hairdryer, AND that your canvas isn’t too big.

Then take off the masking tape. This is why you don’t want Rubber Cement:

And Voila! Something for my room!

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  • Roy Breidi

    Looks good!
    This was actually one of the very few links I saved on reddit

  • Jessica Noun

    very nice, very creative! definitely something i’d like to try soon, once i find a huge box of crayons!

  • http://twitter.com/alexiachaker Alexia Chaker

    I like ittttt !