Bothoven Updates

The piano playing robot was a success, and unfortunately I don’t have any kind of proof, other than documentation…

Yey! It works! Now let’s destroy it.

Bothoven was disassembled as soon as our presentation was done. I tried getting the parts back to build it again to have some video, but they got lost. One day, I’ll rebuild it. What I do have is a video of the final build, working, but not playing music.

This is just a proof of concept, the step right after that was to make it play notes that were read from a sheet of music. Here’s an example:
If this is inputted in my code…

… this is what is sent out: .MIDI file.


This file would be sent to the robot, as is, and would be played back.

It was working, and I enjoyed working on it, a lot. If you’re interested in the algorithm and how the sheet detection works, please download Documentation, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Can you recognize those? (Don’t let the name fool you).
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