Bixi – ♥

Bixi – probably derived from the french word for bike, bicyclette – is the easiest, coolest, sunniest and cheapest mode of transportation for the summer: a public biking system.
The only reason I’m writing about this is because it’s amazing, easy to use and so much fun!

The Bixi bikes aren’t that good: you’re only equipped with 3 gears.

You have, however, a front light, break light and the wheel reflection-thingy, which makes the bike noticeable at night. And, the height of the ass-rest is changeable.

Each bixi anchor is two/three blocks away from another anchor. You don’t trust me? Take a look at this:

Could be compared with the spread of a deadly virus in downtown Montreal

The way it works is pretty simple. If you live here, why not get a Bixi account for 80$/year, you’ll get a key that you can use at any time. Another way would be to pay 5$ by credit card and get to use Bixi for 24 hours.

You get the bike for 45 minutes (30 for credit card purchase). If you’re on a date with a bixi for more than 45 continuous minutes, you will be charged. A solution to this would be to park your Bixi at an anchor, and take it back two (five for credit card purchase) minutes later.

I’ll be posting some tours I’ve done by bixi, along with nice pictures.